Register for the 35th Annual Provincetown Swim for Life, Sept. 10th – Almost 100K Already Raised!

For three decades the Provincetown community and visitors have braved the Cape Cod elements to raise funds for vital local causes.

Join in this quintessential Provincetown experience! For three decades the Provincetown community and visitors from near and far have braved the surging tide and Cape Cod elements together in one of the largest natural harbors in the world to raise over $7M for AIDS, women’s health, the community, and now, theWampanoag Nation. This year, Swim for Life as ALREADY RAISED OVER $82K!

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The 35th Provincetown Swim for Life & Paddler Flotilla will take place along the 1.2 mile, East End shoreline swim route from the beach across from the Harbor and Breakwater Hotels to Cannery Wharf Park (formerly East End Waterfront Park), 387 Commercial Street.

The Swim for Life’s essence embodies Provincetown as a place of healing and compassion,” writes organizer Jay Critchley. “We celebrate our community as one that not only cares about our local health and well-being, but also about Planet Earth, which faces unparalleled environmental challenges. Provincetown is a spiritual home to people across the globe. A place of hope and promise. Swimmers have come from France, Bulgaria, Australia, Mexico, Spain, UK, Canada and beyond to our healing waters.”

This year the Swim for Life acknowledge the ancestral Lands of the Wampanoag Nation that we inhabit, and have invited the Native Land Conservancy as one of the beneficiaries of the Swim.

Check out the Full Swim For Life Schedule HERE!

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