Join the PBG: Business + Associate Membership Order Form

Thank you for your interest in joining the Provincetown Business Guild. As a non-profit organization a majority of our operating budget comes from membership dues and advertising. By becoming a member of the PBG you are supporting the organization that works to ensure Provincetown will always be known globally as the #1 LGBTQ travel destination, 365 days a year.

With 67% of visitors to Provincetown identifying as LGBTQ+ the PBG is widely respected by the Town as one of the leading voices representing Ptown’s business community. As such, we are regularly called upon to represent the business community by the media, Select Board and the Visitor’s Service Board, where the Executive Director of the PBG provides one of the seats responsible for determining how Town resources are allocated and events are funded. 

By being a member of the PBG, you are working to ensure that the voice of Provincetown’s LGBTQ+ community is being well-represented as decisions that affect us are being made. 

Full Business Membership: $379 annually
Non-Profit Membership: $200 annually
All member businesses must have 2 or more employees

Membership with the Provincetown Business Guild includes:

    • Inclusion in Our Travel Guide & Map. The PBG publishes the annual LGBTQ+ Guides to Provincetown (15-20k copies) which includes business listings of our members, maps, short articles and information about all of the events that happen in Provincetown throughout the year. Our map will include QR links to our membership listings where information on your business can be easily located.
    • Online Business Directory. As a member of the PBG, you receive a complimentary listing on our site, (1M annual impressions online) which includes a photo or logo, address, email, phone number, and description of your business.
    • Invitations to Member Meetings & Events. Throughout the year the PBG hosts a number of member-only meetings, events and dinners, including our Annual Meeting and our Holiday Party. PBG hosted gatherings provide members an opportunity to network with other business owners and learn more subjects that affect our community.
    • Promotional Opportunities. The PBG may occasionally ask for your support in the form of sponsorships, donations and the hosting of guests in the form of media or entertainers that often provide additional opportunities for business exposure on both social media platforms and in traditional press. The PBG contracts with a public relations and communications firm to promote seasonal happenings and special events within our community to drive traffic to town at all times of year, and there may be opportunities for your business to be included in these promotions.
    • Pride in knowing that by joining the PBG you’re helping to support the economic development of one of the world’s premier LGBTQ+ destinations.

The PBG also offers options for other forms of membership at the Associate level. By joining the PBG at one of the levels below you are showing your pride for Ptown while also helping to support the organization’s goal of promoting our queer business owners and maintaining and Provincetown’s reputation as one of the leading LGBTQ+ communities in the world.

You’ll also receive invitations to annual networking events designed to build community and receive updates about the PBG and our efforts.

Associate Member: $159 annually
Created for freelance professionals and business owners without storefronts.

PBG Ambassador: $40 annually
Created for community members that want to show their support for the Provincetown business community and the PBG.