Provincetown: Where the Bears are!

Did you know that Provincetown Bear Week is the largest gathering of bears IN THE WORLD?! But not just for bears – for bears, wolves, cubs, otters, foxes, silver-foxes, pups, bulls, bunnies, ursulas (that’s right, female bears,) and really just about every other species in the queer kingdom lexicon. All are welcome, because deep at the heart of Bear Week is a strong theme of self-love and the opportunity to embrace yourself – or be embraced! – amidst an endless sea of furry, sweaty, smiley, handsome men. 


It’s been nearly 25 years since Bear Week Provincetown was originally founded by John Burrows and the men of PtownBears, a social organization formed in support of the Bear community of Provincetown and beyond. Originally defined by a handful of dance parties, under the leadership of PtownBears this event has grown exponentially into one of the most jubilant, jam-packed theme weeks of the year in Provincetown. Sadly, Mr. Burrows unexpectedly passed away in the spring of last year. However, his legacy of community building lives on through the strong efforts of PtownBears as well as the wide array of event producers and Provincetown businesses who contribute to the week’s endless variety of offerings .


Popular events will include the Bear Boat Cruise, daily cigar socials, the John Burrows Memorial BBQ, Bearmania events including Horse Meat Disco, specialty tea dances, the Fireman’s Ball, Mike Flanagan in concert at Town Hall, and so much more…


This year’s lineup brought to you by the PBG includes the Bear Week headliner show at Town Hall, Nina West Is… Where the Bears Are, the return of the Otter Pop Pool Party at the Crown & Anchor, and our 3rd Annual Bear Week Weiner Roast & Pool Party at The Brass Key.


Lazy beach days, gallery strolls, dance parties, pool hangs, and cookouts await you and all your fuzzy friends!


Find a comprehensive list of ALL Bear Week offerings listed at


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