SANDY CLAUS: Out of the Clauset with Kristen Becker


Sunday December 10, 2023


7:00 pm


Crown & Anchor
247 Commercial Street, Provincetown, MA 02657


Whoever said Santa was an only child? This Christmas’ hottest new show is Out of the Claus-et, a live interview with Sandy Claus: Santa’s older, gayer drunker sister. From #metoo to the elf uprising of 2001, Sandy dishes the dirt with up-and-coming reality TV journalist, America Furst (Harrison Fish).

Starring Kristen Becker, the lovable drunkard Sandy Claus sets the record straight about the North Pole and removes the shroud of secrecy that has long hidden the truth around Santa’s empire. “It is time for transparency in the North Pole!’ says Sandy Claus. One might think it’s all candy canes and bon bons at the North Pole, but Out of the Claus-et reveals that not even magical, mythical creatures were able to avoid the conflicts of the last few years. Sandy tried appealing to her brother in writing, but has realized it is time to take her message on the road (Read Sandy’s letter to her brother Santa)

This holiday show has been performed for the last five seasons in Provincetown, MA, where comedian Kristen Becker currently resides. This year, she will be taking Sandy on the road, with stops planned in 10 cities across the US.