Exhibition: The Queer Street Art of Jeremy Novy


Sunday July 09, 2023


6:00 am - 2:00 pm


Provincetown Pride Center
115 Bradford Street, Provincetown, MA 02657


Jeremy Novy, the San Francisco Bay Area Street Artist, best known for the proliferation of his vibrant queer stencil work across the globe is being featured for the month of July in the Provincetown Pride Center at 115 Bradford Street.  His unique brand of street art is ripe with thoughtful social examinations and the artist has used it to combat a homophobic lack of representation with a celebration of gay iconography, bringing joy and warmth to neglected urban spaces.

Featuring stocky bears like himself, leather pups, rainbow koi, proud do-nuts and a wide array of well known drag performers, Novy’s stencils are sociopolitical works in public spaces that democratize the process of viewing art by bringing beauty to blight. His medium primarily consists of spray paint and a stencil which allows for speedy application and uniformity.

Since graduating from Pecks School of the Arts, Novy’s art has been met with acclaim across the country. His work has benefited non-profit foundations, advocacy organizations, and community service programs and has been featured in numerous films, books, publications, and collections public and private.

His pioneering images of drag queens, physique pictorials, and pornography bring to life the multiplicity of modern identity, reminding us that we, each of us, must walk the streets of our cities in collective solidarity.

Learn more about the artist online at jeremynovy.com, follow him on Instagram @jeremynovy and come experience his works on Fridays (12 noon to 8pm) and Saturdays (10am – 6pm) during the month of July.