ABSTRACT DREAMS Featuring Daniel Angeles & Amauri Torezan


Sunday - Thursday June 09 - 13, 2024


11:00 am - 6:00 pm


Daniel Angeles grew up in Washington State and eventually landed in Dallas and Houston for many years. There, he was able to spend time working on his passion of painting.  Using watercolors as his medium, Angeles’s narrative paintings are what he considers his “life lessons” and very often focus on diversity.  Daniel derives a lot of inspiration from nature and more specifically birds. He sees birds as free spirits, not bound by the rules of gravity. This speaks to him in several ways but mostly frees his mind of personal inhibitions. He lets go of what logic or reason allows and lets the reality of his imagination come to life. Like a bird disregarding the pull of gravity and soaring into the wind.

Amauri Torezan, originally from Brazil, lives and works in South Florida and derives inspiration from his homeland and the tropical atmosphere of Florida.  Amauri is an award-winning contemporary artist known for his bold abstract art. Influenced by his interest in modernist abstraction, Torezan’s work explores the interrelation between colors and forms as he incorporates elements of geometry and optical illusion, using a unique visual language to create fresh and dynamic hard-edge compositions.   In his work, shapes and lines seem to be floating around each other as they were suspended in space, the contrasting bold colors enhance the exuberant depth effect creating a sensation of a vibrant life.