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Why Ptown?

A tiny dot at the very end of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Provincetown packs an awful lot into a small space for gay vacationers.

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It’s a Dog’s Life

There’s little a dog cannot do in this town, from whale watch tours to charter sailboat excursions to trolley tours and boat rentals.

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  • Make Ptown Home

    When the idea of going home after your Provincetown vacation becomes unbearable.

    When you are more interested in meeting locals than other vacationers.

    When a weekend here is just not enough anymore.

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  • Ptown Weddings

    So there are dozens of reasons for gay couples to get married. But there is only one place, one perfect place, to hold the ceremony and that is right here in Provincetown.

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The Provincetown Business Guild (PBG) is a non-profit organization that helps maintain the #1 Gay Community in America by promoting Provincetown to the GLBT market worldwide, producing such events as the much loved Carnival – the height of Ptown’s summer celebration and Holly Folly – the world’s only GLBT holiday festival.

PBG Hosted Events

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