The mission of The Compact,, founded by Jay Critchley in 1993, is to advance the health and cultural well being of the community of Provincetown and the Lower Cape – its people, the natural environment and the economy. Our initiatives include: The Swim For Life, Dune Shack Residencies, our Think-ubator program, Prayer Ribbons and special projects and initiatives. The concept for The Compact was to recreate an inclusive, visionary and fully democratic contract with the community, reimagining the original Mayflower Compact, which was signed in Provincetown Harbor in 1620. The Compact has envisioned Provincetown as a Cultural Sanctuary. As such, our projects express the connection between the arts, the community, and the environment. We explore the role and relevance of art and create experiences that break down divides, often in unexpected ways. The Compact projects strengthen the interdependence of people and place in order to nurture and promote sustainability.

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